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Hello from the desert!

So here I go again with my blogging (I do get some expert advice from my 13 year old son). I will continue uploading photos, hopefully a lot of them and tell you the story behind them. It can be from a trip I have recently done, a photo shoot, from some competitions or just an image taken of something that just caught my interest.

I always like to keep myself busy in the Photography community. I love to go through different images, submit and share the passion for photography.

Hej Dunes, another image I entered to Photocrowd competition, this time the theme was: Middle East (very convenient for me). It got a respectable 22nd place out of 297 photos. It was taken on a desert safari trip we did when my lovely brother and sister-in-law were here. I just love the soft golden Dunes in the atmospheric and warm evening light.

With the perfect weather now, I am so looking forward to having more opportunities to do outdoor photography. This is all for now folks. Keep checking in and I am Wishing you all a Happy 2017!

If interested in portrait photo shoot please contact me on Ǻsa­­­

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