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Hi, I cannot believe we are approaching March and springtime already, time passes for sure very quickly, so it is important to capture those moments while you can. I recently had the great opportunity to freeze a few moments with those adorable kids.


Due to weather conditions; full storm, ­­­­­­we had to postpone our photo session by a week, but it was worth the wait. My friend Emma brought her three gorgeous children for a Fun-Portrait-Photo-Shoot. On the day of the photo session, there was a pleasant afternoon sun and not too much sand blowing in the air, so my balcony studio came to good use. Some cupcakes and popcorn was served as a treat for being good models.

The pout

The pout: I absolutely love this photo. Emma told her youngest daughter to do a little pout…and that is exactly what she did.

I did some outdoor portraits. The sun was still just a bit too strong and the reflector gave some slight glare, so it was important not to get the models to look directly at the reflector. Which, my models managed really well! Cute, cute, cute…

Those lovely, green eyes.

Those lovely big, green eyes!!

Being a natural light photographer, it is


always a question of catching the light at the right time and angle plus the pressure against time. Those indoor portraits were taken next to my big window using a golden reflector to bounce off the now soft light.

This photo is an absolutely candid shot, which can sometimes turn out to be the best ones. This image makes me smile every time I look at it. Their mum took out her mobile to take a photo; therefore no need for me to say ‘’Smile for the camera’’. This is what I call a Happy snap!

I truly relished this afternoon and cannot wait to get some more amazing photos taken, so if interested in portrait photo shoot please contact me on:

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