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Dear May,

Dear May, March and April swished by; as they say

-Time flies when you are having fun! And fun we have had. School holiday, visit from my fabulous brother and sister-in-law, birthday celebrations, just to mention a few things. I am very happy that I also got the chance to do some outdoor photography and yet another portrait photo shoot before this heat arrived.

Prior to Easter holiday I had a great afternoon doing another sibling shoot, could not be happier with the outcome. Have a look at those beautiful children….

The Three siblings. This image was taken outside on our balcony in the afternoon sun using a reflector and a simple black backdrop. I just love, how all three, have nice smiles and also smile with their eyes.

Me and my brothers. It is such a fun and lovely image. The parents decided to order a print of this image on a big cotton canvas.

WOW!! It turned out absolutely beautifully. Great choice.

Selected moments from the afternoon.

When we had our lovely visitors from Sweden, we all went for an overnight safari. Truly enjoy the mythical and the timeless beauty of the desert.

Simplicity. The camp was nestled among stunning dunes. The shape, texture and colours of the sand are very rewarding to shoot. This is one of my favourite; Simplicity.

Follow me. Camels heading back to their camp for dinner. They do come in big numbers, I got on my bike quickly!

Since we now are in our hot season and I will have very little availability to my outdoor studio, therefore, I am doing a Summer sale. Please contact me for portrait shoot and prices That is all for now. Ciao!


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