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Hello autumn and UK!

To say it has been a busy few months it is not an understatement.

We have now left wonderful and fantastic UAE and relocated back home to the

UK. We have moved to the picturesque, hilly and lovely historic market town of Ampthill.

I know the photography opportunities here will be many. Due to being rather occupied with the move over the last few months, I have not done as much photography as I would have liked to.

I still managed to get to do another fun sibling shoot, captured some great summer memories and of course kept up with the photography community. I have done a collage of some of the images taken over those last few months, hope you like them.

Beautiful Beth!
Cheeky and so cute!


Happy lad.
3 siblings.

A great selection from this joyful afternoon sibling

shoot. Yet again I was using the natural light available and had to chase those lovely early evening rays.

We were all very happy with the end result.

Cotton balls.

Top left is from my beautiful home country; Sweden. Image called: Vackert meaning Beautiful. Top right is simply called: Cotton balls, taken in Portugal. The photo to the left was also taken in Portugal and is called: Beautiful Portugal. Three things captured that I truly love; Sea, Sky and sun.

On your bike.

Paint the autumn

Autumn! After so many years away from Europe, I have appreciated even more the dazzling autumn colours. We have done many long fresh walks and bike rides. First image: On your bike. To the left : Paint the autumn. Above: Yellow.

Eyes cream
Framed mosque

Last but not least two images that I submitted to the competitions in Photocrowd. Both reaching the top 10%. First photo one of my favourites of our children; called Eyes cream . Second photo the spectacular Grand mosque in Abu Dhabi; called Framed Mosque.

If you are interested in portrait photo shoot please contact me on: or on my mobile: 075 96 90 28 23.

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