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A mix.

So long 2019..

I have always liked exploring, going to new places and doing different things, and this year has certainly included all of these. Some people would say we are always on the move ;-).

This also goes for my photography; much of the fun of being a photographer is learning new ways and exploring the possibilities.

As you will see I have covered a wide range of subjects; from Portraits to architecture, and interiors to landscape.

I entered a local competition; where they wanted images of the park for the annual calendar.

I had many beautiful and relaxing walks in the woods while enjoying the Nature/landscape Photography. I was very pleased they chose two of my images for the calendar; one to be the month of July, this also meant being part of a small exhibition plus contributing towards the community.


My passion for Portrait photography will always be there; any types of portraits, I love it all. Here are some images from a Pet portrait photo shoot, two adorable and lively sisters.

The timeless and authentic Black and white portraits are actually one of my favourites; here is for me one of my top 10.This one also reached the top 2 % in the Photo crowds B/W portraits competition.

During the spring I got a fantastic opportunity to work for a company; I started a project to showcase their work. Together with photography I got to travel and was also asked to produce Brochures/photobooks; which I truly enjoy doing. I am very grateful indeed.

The office

This Corporate Photography involves Interior/exterior and Architecture Photography.


The reception

Please contact me if interested in any photo shoot or have any inquieries: or mobile: 07596902823

#Portraits #NaturelandscapePhotography #BlackandWhitephotography #CorporatePhotography #ArchitecturePhotography

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